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     Welcome to the LCA “Members Only” Club.   This club is for friends that like to get together once in a while to unwind, relax and have some good food, good drink and good conversation.  The “Members Only” Club gets together four times a year for a first class party.  The parties are held on the second Wednesday of each of the following months:  January, April, July and October.

How it all began.  On November of 1998 at a small local coffee shop in Brownsville, Texas, three “coffee clash” compadres; Pat Lehmann, Ernesto De Leon and Medardo “Mere” Barbosa were conversing over the subject of “pachanga” parties that would rival that of a local men’s group that met on a quarterly basis and got together for food and drink.  After long discussions on how to start this new men’s club group and choose a name for it, the “Los Compadres Association” or LCA was born.   Mr. Barbosa suggested that it be limited to “Members Only” thus, the LCA “Members Only” Club was formed.    Pat Lehmann was given the responsibility of putting all the particulars of the club together and to have it up and running by the second Wednesday of the new year, 1999.  So, on January 14, 1999 the LCA was originally launched with its first official party that included less than 25 members and guests. By the end of that year, the LCA membership had grown to 104 members, a cap that is unofficially kept to this day. 

The LCA Club is entering its 20th year of providing a unique and relaxing atmosphere for its members to meet and network with one another.  The whole inspiration of the club is to get as many professional individuals from the community to get together four times a year to brainstorm and simply network in their respective vocation.

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