Everyone that is 18 years of age or over, regardless of credit history, qualifies!
All that is required is that you agree with our simple LAYAWAY terms and conditions.

1.  You may cancel this Layaway at any time before your last payment is made by notifying us.  If  we
    do not receive your final payment by the “final payment due” date, we will automatically cancel your
    Layaway purchase unless we agree to extend that date.

2.  We may consider your Layaway account to be in “Default” if you fail to make two (2) consecutive
    payments that are returned from the consumer's bank or if you fail to make  a payment thirty (30)
    days past due your payment date.  If the buyer defaults, on the  Layaway account, the account will
    be treated as canceled and be assessed a cancellation charge as specified in paragraph 3.

3.  In the event of cancellation, we will refund all money you have paid, less a cancellation charge of 
    10% of the sale price.

4.  Cancellation charge is eligible for in store credit and may be applied on any future VSoT purchase
    or service. (Make sure to obtain a “Credit Voucher” upon cancellation of your Layaway)
•   A minimum down payment of 30% of the purchase price is required to put the item on Layaway.

•   Remaining balance will be distributed between (5) five monthly payments, with a balloon payment
    due on the (6) sixth month as the final payment.   Longer payment terms may be considered.

•   You may select the day and amount the payments will be due monthly.

•   You will not be charged for any interest or Layaway fees other than what is specified in our
     Cancellation and Refund Policy.

•   You will agree to our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

•   Layaway purchase will remain on the sales floor, but will be marked “sold”.

•   You have the right to select other color or make of similar product.  If product not in stock you
    will allow VSoT to order a Layaway item not in stock.

Click here and let us know if you need more info on our E-Z LAYAWAY Plan