Valley Scooters of Texas (VSoT) was founded in 2007 out of the pure inspiration of finding a solution to and coping with the ever rising cost of fuel prices.  VSoT was created to satisfy the free spirited and frugal minded.  Its founder, Patrick Lehmann, while on a trip to Europe with wife Rosie in the summer of 2007, experienced first hand how the majority of the people in Paris, France commuted on a daily basis by using mopeds, also known as scooters.  Why not in the good old USA?  Why not offer an “inexpensive” method of transportation just like in Europe?  The answer would be, finding  an affordable, reliable and fuel efficient method of transportation that an individual could enjoy and be able to afford back home.  In searching for the right product, European and Japanese scooters were found to be too expensive to own and also limited in distribution.  Korean and Taiwanese scooters were faced with the same dilemma.  The solution came down to the Chinese scooter, but could they be trusted to be of good quality and reliability?   Not all Chinese scooters are alike.  There are many Chinese scooter manufacturers, but only a few Chinese scooter manufacturers that have proven to be of “excellent” quality.  VSoT is proud to say that before we offer any product to our customers, we test, inspect and insure parts availability on each brand vehicle we sell.  And we back-up this statement with our “Buy Back” Guarantee. 

Beginning March of 2017, VSoT decided to get out of the Chinese scooter and motorsports retail market and focus strictly on Electric Bicycles and Adult Tricycles.  VSoT will still have its Service Facility open for servicing gas scooters, ATV and other motorsport  vehicles  as well as its new line of E-Bikes.   Also note, that VSoT has become a Service Provider for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry and at present is an Authorized Service Provider for the Craftsman line of  Lawn Mower and Gardening products.

At VSoT, we want to revolutionize the way America commutes.  Thus, the answer is Biking!   For short trips and Healthy brief rides, the answer is with a VSoT E-Bike that will be fun to Ride and Easy on the Stress.  By owning a VSoT E-Bike / Scooter, you will contribute to a clean-free environment and be on your way to a healthy body.

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Always use a helmet while riding these products.
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